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We envision our self as one of the leading web3 agencies. We created concepts and strategies for brands and already build several NFT/Crypto projects.

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Its all about ownership... ...with proof!

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Non-Fungible Tokens
NFTs are digital stuff. That's a flippant way of putting it. By creating NFTs, creators can create unique and forgery-proof collector's items through the Ethereum blockchain - a kind of digital certificate of authenticity. Unlike arbitrarily duplicated content, this value gives the works a sense of value.
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What is a blockchain again? In simple terms, a chain of digital data blocks that summarises transactions (transfers, orders or account balances, for example). This blockchain makes it possible to see who has the rights to a work. It protects the information, which can no longer be falsified.
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But basically, thats not what the web3 is all about. Its more about the utility that you as the creator give. Basically, the whole aspect of collecting those items like pokemon cards is just a nice to have.
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In a nutshell web3 offers a wide majority of abilities and new business aspects. Not only for marketing and branding purposes but to build whole brands on.

How do regular businesses and brands fare?

Imagine you fund your next business by selling 100 NFTs per 1’000.- You bake a automatical distribution of 10% of your overall turnofer into the fund and pay it back to the NFT Owners.

And any NFT owner can have special in your shop once a day/month/year as long he holds the NFT in his wallet.

Does it click?
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Would you like to promote your outdoor equipment on top of Mount Everest?

Impossible? Not with Web3! You can easily build a digital showroom wherever you want, and it can have all the decorations you dream of to perfectly place your product. This way, customers can fully experience your brand and see your products in 3D even if they are not in your store, which also helps to advertise regardless of location.
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Collecting points for months to redeem them for another pan? We are definitely done with that.

With blockchain-based coins, your customers can see the value of their coins at any time, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, exchange them for collectible NFTs that have their own value, have a community to connect with like-minded people interested in your company and web3, or simply just buy a virtual pan.
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Our actual projects and first steps into the Metaverse

A brand that creates captivating experiences in a magical world and integrates an unconventional thinking approach into its NFT.
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Gaming the blockchain - Anaki will take your thoughts and turn them completely upside down. Prepare yourself and open your mind.
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Hearties is an NFT project which was created as a POC and it's purpose is to share love with everyone.
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free of charge - video call just for you and your idea - or you want to have web3 explained. We are on a mission to help people understand what kind of monster is coming up soon
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